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Thanks for visiting my new Website!

Welcome and thank you for taking time to view my website. Here you will find some information about the services I offer as a licensed psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist.

A little bit about me...

I am in private practice with North Coast Mental Health Associates in Westlake, Ohio and I provide psychotherapy to adults (18 and older), couples and families and utilize a cognitive– behavioral approach and systems approach. Cognitive–behavioral therapy is based on the premise that the way we feel and act is influenced by how we think about our world, our self-talk, and how we interpret the events around us. A systems approach looks at the interdependence of individuals with their world and emphasizes the quality of relationships, communication patterns, and problem solving patterns in those relationships. My areas of specialization include treating depression/mood disorders, anxiety disorders, stress, and relationship and marital issues including communication problems, intimacy concerns, difficulty in resolving problems, recovering from affairs and infidelities, separation issues, and divorce adjustment.